About PrimeWay

What is the difference between PrimeWay and high street estate agents?

Cost effective

We’re able to save our customers thousands without compromising on service because we don’t waste money on high street offices.

Customer service

We work right up until 8pm on weekdays, longer hours chiefessays.net than the majority of high street agents – we’re also open 7 days a week.

Control and transparency

We give you access to an online account which enables you to set your viewing availability, see how your http://theessayclub.com/property is performing on Rightmove, review buyer feedback, and see how your sale is progressing.

How can you afford to charge less than a high street agent?

Our local PrimeWay Estate Agents don’t have a physical office, so we’re not wasting any money on rent – we pass this saving on to you.

How good will you be at selling in my local area?

We have a team of dedicated local PrimeWay Estate Agents across the country, they’re all experienced estate agents with years of experience selling in their local area.

Your local PrimeWay Estate Agent will visit your property to give you a free, no obligation, valuation once you’ve booked an appointment using our online form.

Once your home is on the market our team of dedicated experts are on hand to negotiate you the best price from the right buyer.

Don’t just take our word for it, independent research from TwentyEA shows that of the top 30 national estate agents that operate at PrimeWay’s price point, PrimeWay achieves a higher sale price.

What are your opening hours?

We’re open 7 days a week and for longer hours plagiarism checker than the majority of high street agents which means there’s always someone available to support you:

– Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm
– Saturday: 9am – 5pm
– Sunday: 10am – 4pm

How much could I save with PrimeWay?

You could save thousands by paying a fixed chiefessays.net fee of MYR895, rather than a commission based on your sale price. In London & inner M25 the low fixed fee is MYR995.

Free Home Valuations

Who carries out the free valuation at my property?

When you book your free home valuation you’ll be assigned a local PrimeWay Estate Agent who is an expert at selling homes in your area.

PrimeWay Estate Agents are all experienced estate agents with years of experience, they know what they’re doing and are dedicated to getting you the best possible price for your property.

What happens at a valuation?

When your local PrimeWay Estate agent visits your home they’ll give you an accurate valuation based on your property features and local market trends.

At this point there’s no obligation to sell with PrimeWay, so If you’d prefer to think about it or you want to have additional valuations from other Estate Agents your local PrimeWay Estate Agent will leave their contact details with you.

They’ll also send you a detailed report with their valuation of the property, insight in to local market trends and a breakdown on the cost saving you can expect from selling with PrimeWay.

How long does a home valuation take?

Your free home valuation will take about 45 minutes.

PrimeWay Packages

How long will you market my property for?

We offer our customers two package choices.

Our most popular package is the Fixed Fee Saver where you pay nothing upfront and we continue to market your property for 12 months.

With this package we offer a ‘seller guarantee’ which means that in the unlikely event your home hasn’t sold in 12 months and you wish to remain with PrimeWay, we will continue to market your property until it does sell. We’ll contact you towards the end of the 12 months and ask if you want us to continue selling your home.

You can also pause your sale and restart it at any time should you choose to do so.

With our Pay on Completion package we’ll market your home for a full six months, and all we ask is that for the first 8 weeks you only market your property with PrimeWay.

Can I use my own photographs?

Photography of your home is included as standard in all of our packages but if you prefer you can supply your own.

You have full control over what’s shown in your property advert.

Can I use my own solicitor?

Of course, and we won’t charge you an additional fee if you do.

However, when you receive your free valuation we’ll provide you with a personalised quote for your solicitor’s fees, so that you can understand the full cost of your property sale.

There’s no obligation to use our recommended solicitors.

Do I have to do everything myself?

PrimeWay is a more cost effective way to sell people’s homes but without compromising on service – we still do the whole job just like the high street.

When you choose to sell with us we’ll visit your home to take photos and draw up floor plans.

From there you’ll have a dedicated team to manage the progress of your sale right the way through to completion.

How does PrimeWay’s online account work?

When you instruct us to sell your home you’ll be given access to an online platform that we like to call Your Account.

Your Account offers you full control over the selling process and gives you transparency on how we’re selling your home.

You can:

– Set your availability and confirm viewings.
– Understand how your property is performing on Rightmove.
– Review feedback from real buyers.
– Respond to offers.
– Take as much control as you want by making changes to your property listing.
– See the current stage and history of your sale.

Who shows people around my home?

Our standard packages are set up for the owner of the property to show buyers around.

In our experience, buyers typically prefer this because the owner can have a better idea of local amenities and the history of the property.However, if you would like us to organise this for you, that’s not a problem..

Our unlimited viewings package lasts for as long as your on the market with PrimeWay. Your keys would be held in a key safe installed at the property or with a key holder.

Your local PrimeWay Estate Agent will be able to give you details on the Unlimited Viewings Package if you think it’s the best option for you.

Where will you market my property?

We advertise your home on the leading property websites Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation giving your home exposure to millions of buyers each month.

Selling Your Home

Asking price

This should be used to describe the price you are hoping to achieve for the property and is the most commonly used on the property websites like Rightmove and Zoopla. Often buyers will make an offer for your property below the asking price, but you are not obliged to accept any offer for your property regardless of what you advertise it for.

Fixed price

This tends to be used to indicate that there is no flexibility in the price your property is advertised for and so you should use this if you are looking to achieve the asking price with no movement. The drawback to this pricing structure is that it may discourage some buyers from viewing the property completely.


The ‘from’ pricing option indicates you are looking to sell above the asking price and invites people to submit an offer in excess of that advertised.

Guide price

A guide price is used to indicate there is a level of flexibility on the side of the seller and while this can be either below or above the stated price, it shows that the price is open to negotiation.

Offers in excess of

This pricing strategy is best used when you have a minimum price in mind for your property but are expecting to achieve over this asking price. It can also be used if you are selling in a much sought after area where you expect to have a number of viewers and offers for the property and want to move to a ‘best and final offers’ situation.

Offers in the region of (OIRO)

This is very similar to a guide price and indicates there is a level of flexibility with regards to the property’s price.

Offers over

Offers over is to be used in the same circumstances as offers in excess of when you have a minimum price in mind but want to invite offers over this price.

Part buy

Part buy is for properties on a housing association scheme for example, where you buy a percentage of the property and then rent the remaining percentage of the property from the provider. Please note in your property description the percentage you are selling, as well as the rent which is payable on the remaining percentage, should be very clear.

Price on application (POA)

You should use POA if you don’t wish to disclose the price you are marketing your property for, however, we would discourage this use unless specifically recommended by our Customer Support team. You will still need to provide a guide to the asking price so that the main property websites know which price bracket searches the property should appear in. This pricing strategy tends to be used for higher priced properties.

Sale by tender

Sale by tender is where people are asked to put in their best bid for the property by a certain date, and you then go with your preferred offer after that date. Again, you are under no obligation to accept one of the offers if you aren’t happy with one.

Shared equity

This is for properties which are being sold as part of the Government’s Help-to-Buy scheme, where a share of the property is paid for by either the Government or in some cases a developer, and this would then be paid back at a later stage in accordance with their scheme.

Shared ownership

This is to show potential buyers that the property is under shared ownership and the price you are looking for is for your share of the property. Please note you should make it prominent within your property description the percentage of the property that you own and is being sold at this price.


How does it work?

In our experience buyers typically prefer to be shown around by the owner. However, if you aren’t likely to be available or would simply prefer someone else to do this for you, that’s not a problem. We work with specialist Viewing Agents to ensure that no viewing ever needs to be missed, postponed or cancelled.

You can add an unlimited viewings package that lasts for as long as you’re on the market with PrimeWay, no matter how many viewings you receive. The cost is just MYR300.

We ask our Viewing Agents to arrive at the property early where possible so that they can familiarise themselves with the layout. We also provide them with your property information and to provide any notes that they need to be made aware of too.

The great thing is that they are simply there to facilitate a viewing so there will be no hard sell to your viewers, just a friendly face to show them around.

You can still block out times that you don’t want viewings to happen in your calendar in Your Account. You will be alerted when a viewer requests a timeslot but we will arrange it with them and then send you a confirmation.

Who will be showing people around?

Our Viewing Agents are usually local people so they can answer questions about the area. They had all been vetted. They may have worked in estate agency in the past or may have worked for the Police force or other such organisation.

Where will I leave the key?

We will install a key safe for you with a key code. You can change the key code if you want to make it something more memorable once installed – obviously just let us know so that your Viewing Agent can still access the key!

At present we can supply a Master Lock 5401D, a Master Lock 5441D (which is a Bluetooth device) or a Police Approved C500 Supra KeySafe.

Does installing a key safe affect my property insurance?

As with any type of insurance it is important to disclose any amendments to the material facts provided and with this in mind, we would recommend that the property owner discloses that a key safe has been fitted to the property.

Can a key safe be installed in an apartment block?

Yes, but in an ideal world permission from the managing agents should be sought. In reality fitting is the same as erecting a board so it’s up to you if you want to do so.

Do you have to return the key safe when the viewings are over?

No – once the key safe has been fitted it is owned by the property owner.

Will I get feedback from the Viewing Agent?

Yes if they send us any feedback about the viewing we will make sure that we pass it on to you.

What are expired viewings?

There may be some instances where a seller does not respond to a viewing request before the date and time it has been requested, when this happens we will automatically mark the viewing as Expired.

The reason that we set these viewings as expired once the time of the viewing has elapsed is so that we can notify the potential viewer that this is the case, and if they wish they can book another slot.

We also keep track of the number of expired viewings that sellers have, if someone has a number of expired viewings on their property we will advise changing their viewing availability to reflect when they are able to accommodate viewings.

A viewing becomes ‘Expired’ once the day and time of the viewing have passed without the viewing being accepted or refused, and this then triggers emails to both the seller and the buyer. When the email is sent to the seller to make them aware it includes a link to manage their existing viewings.

We also send an email to the buyers explaining the viewing has now expired and encouraging them to book another viewing, which they can do using the link provided on the email.

Expired Viewings can be seen on the viewings dashboard, and will have the status ‘Expired’.

I really want to view a property but I can’t find any suitable available times?

If you can’t see a time slot which works for you, you can call us on 000000000 and someone in our Viewings Team will be happy to speak to the Seller on your behalf and see if there are any other times they can do.